Telehandler TH627

Telehandler TH627: Maneuverable and effective.

If stacking heights of 6 meters are involved, the telehandler TH627 is the ideal solution. With a payload of 2.7 metric tonnes, it remains stable even during extreme loading processes. The numerous option variants make the TH627 a real all-rounder on the construction site. With two cabin variants, the vehicle offers a low overall height or, with the high cabin, an even better all-round visibility.

The Wacker Neuson telehandler TH627 is available in two different cabin heights.

Choice between two cab heights.

  • Improved 360° visibility for the operator due to the raised cab. Increases safety for the operator and the surrounding area.
  • Low overall height is ideal for use in confined spaces.
The colour-coded switches provide more safety.

All switches assigned to the same category are the same color.

  • Efficiency during work with the machine is increased due to simplified operation.
  • The color-coded switches increase safety by reducing the danger of confusing the switches.
  • This way, even new operators quickly find their way around the machines.
Easy access for maintenance with wide-opening hood.

Good accessibility for daily maintenance.

  • For example, a wide-opening engine hood and sight glasses for monitoring fill levels make daily maintenance easier. This saves time and money.
  • Service work on the engine, for example oil changes, is simplified by the engine tray with removable service flaps and hanging-mounted filters.
  • Fuse boxes in the footwell ensure quick and clear fuse changing. In addition, the battery is easily accessible, housed next to the entrance. This way, repairs to the electrics can be completed quickly and easily.

More Features

The telehandler’s rear attachment area fulfils all of the important requirements.

Three-point hydraulic system in the rear, category 2.

  • With the three-point hydraulic system and PTO, other attachments can be operated in the field or on the spot.
  • The rear hydraulics can be conveniently operated from the cab or from outside via control buttons at the rear of the machine.
  • To keep the overall turning radius tight, the lower linkages can be folded up in a “parking position”.
The panorama glazing offers optimal visibility on all sides.

Large windows provide a panoramic view of the job site.

  • The optimal view for the operator increases safety for people in the surrounding area of the machine.
  • The large glass surface area contributes to a more comfortable working environment for the operator
The steering column is adjustable in inclination and height.

The steering column is adjustable to the needs of the operator.

  • An ergonomically favorable position can be set for every type and size of operator. More comfort through individual adjustment.
  • The steering wheel can be folded away. This makes available more room for entering and exiting.
The brake-inch pedal enables sensitive manoeuvring at a high rpm.

Brake function and inch function are combined in one pedal.

  • As the inch function is often the only one required when handling materials, the brake is not unnecessarily actuated too often. Consequently, service costs for the brake are reduced, as is wear.
  • As only one pedal is required for both functions, there is no need to switch pedals.
  • Faulty operation is prevented because the pedals cannot be confused.
Telehandler TH627

Vehicle with automatic central lubrication system.

  • The central lubrication system increases the life expectancy and resale value of the machine, as all lubrication points are guaranteed to be supplied.
  • Time and cost savings due to low maintenance, as only the tanks of the central lubrication system must be filled.

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