Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Self-priming Trash Pump PT6: Large discharge volume, long running time

With a large discharge volume and a long running time, the self-priming centrifugal pump PT6 is perfect for demanding applications. The pump is driven by a sturdy and powerful Yanmar diesel engine with an electric starter. The impeller, made of ductile iron, and the mechanical seals, made of silicon-carbide, ensure a high level of wear resistance and long operational duration with minimal maintenance necessity.

Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Shimmable wear plate for longevity and durability

  • Iron volute can be shimmed to compensate for impeller wear.
  • Volute, intake port, and discharge port are easily accessible from the rear of the machine.
  • Cast iron housing and volute for the toughest of applications.
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Quick-release clean out cover

  • Quick-release clean out cover with handles allows for easy pump clean out and maintenance should clogs occur.
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Central lifting eye

  • Easy-to-access central lift point for job site mobility.
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Powerful Yanmar engine

  • Powerful, accessible, and easy-to-service Yanmar engine provides maximum GPM.
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Control panel and battery

  • Easily accessible at the front of the machine.
  • Lockable and removable cover for flexibility and security.
  • Easy battery access.

More Features

Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Lockable fuel cap

  • Lockable fuel cap to prevent vandalism and fuel theft.
  • Easy to fill fuel nozzle.
  • Integrated fuel filter
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Rain cap

  • Exhaust rain cap prevents rain and debris from entering the engine.
Self-priming Trash Pump PT6

Engine throttle control

  • Engine throttle control conveniently located near pump housing.

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