Mittelschwere (300-600 kg)

Mittelschwere (300-600 kg)

Mittelschwere reversierbare Rüttelplatten 300 - 600 kg: Unschlagbar auf jedem Untergrund

Die mittelschweren reversierbaren Vibrationsplatten bieten dank ihrer starken Verdichtungskraft in Kombination mit einem schnellen Vor- und Rücklauf eine hohe Produktivität. Sie sind der Allrounder für alle Baustellen, auf denen hohe Ansprüche an die Leistungsfähigkeit eines Geräts gestellt werden. Darüber hinaus bieten sie herausragende Eigenschaften in puncto Lebensdauer und Bedienkomfort. Optimale Einsatzbereiche sind die Verdichtung von Frost- und Tragschichten im Straßen-, Wege- und Parkplatzbau sowie die Hinterfüllung von Gebäuden. Dank einer Frequenz von 69 Hz sind die mittelschweren reversierbaren Vibrationsplatten universell einsetzbar und verdichten selbst mittleres bis schweres Verbundsteinpflaster zuverlässig.

Robust steel frame of the medium-weight and reversible vibratory plates

Sturdy and durable

  • The vibratory plate is made of heavy-duty, wear resistant materials. Due to this, it achieves a long service life. For example, the base plate is made of nodular cast iron (GJS700).
  • Even after a longer operating time, the vibratory plate reaches a high resale value. Investment in this machine is thus very economical.
Illustration economic efficiency

Very good accessibility to all maintenance points

  • The unit offers good accessibility to all maintenance points. This saves time and costs during maintenance.
Reversible vibratory plate DPU4545H compaction application

High surface performance

  • High compaction performance combined with a fast travel speed gives the vibratory plate a high surface performance, making it extremely efficient.

More Features

Reversible vibratory plate DPU5545 studio image center pole

Center pole

  • The center pole is easily adjustable in height and can thus be adjusted very quickly to the size of the respective operator.
  • The sturdy, self-engaging center pole lock offers a very fast and reliable safeguard for transport. This saves time.
Reversible vibratory plate DPU3050H studio image control handle

Intuitive guide bar with continuously adjustable speed.

  • A change of direction is possible with a high degree of comfort just by moving the handle. This way, the operator can keep working with both hands, without pressing additional buttons or cranking of handles.
  • The speed is infinitely adjustable.
External start pin

Jump start pin

  • If the battery is discharged, the machine can be jump-started very quickly via a removable pin. It is not necessary to remove the battery cover in order to connect the starter cable with the battery. This saves time and effort.
  • Due to the spring mechanism, the pin is very well protected from contaminants and can be used quickly if required.

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