Light Tower mit LED-Lampen LTS4: Macht die Nacht zum Tag

Der Light Tower LTS eignet sich für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen - von der Baustellenbeleuchtung über die Beleuchtung von temporären Parkplätzen bis hin zu Musikveranstaltungen. Mit vier schwenkbaren Licht-Panels kann das Licht nach Bedarf ausgerichtet werden. Durch den integrierten Generator können alle Modelle unabhängig vom Stromnetz betrieben werden.

Light Tower: Flood light to illuminate large areas.

LED lamps with large illuminated area (5,000 m²)

  • The light tower is equipped with 4 x 320 Watt LED light panels. It illuminates an area of up to 5,000 m², providing bright white light with a low proportion of glare and scattered light.
  • LED lamps are particularly energy-efficient. That’s how they reduce fuel consumption and provide a long running time on one full tank.
  • LED lamps have a long service life of up to 50,000 hours. This saves costs on replacing illuminants.
Light Tower, manual mast

Vertical mast, manually adjustable

  • The mast is moved up and down in a vertical position and is thus quickly ready for use.
  • The manual crank is ergonomic and easy to actuate.
Light Tower: Flood light to illuminate large areas.

Intuitive operating panel

  • The clear and easy-to-understand operating panel can be used quickly even by inexperienced operators.

More Features

Light Tower LTS

Key Start

  • Key start for simple on/off with lockable cover.
Light Tower, manual mast

Lifting Eye

  • Integrated lifting eye provides flexibility for loading, unloading, and positioning on job-site.
Light Tower LTS

Forklift Pockets

  • Forklift pockets provide ease of loading, unloading, and positioning on jobsites.
Light Tower - compact transport dimensions

Compact transport dimensions

  • Thanks to their compact dimensions, 16 light towers fit in one 40” container and 18 light towers on a truck (13 m).

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