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RC110, RC120, RC190 - Clear view of the working area, simple operation

RC110, RC120, RC190
RC110 single drum soil compactor
RC120 single drum soil compactor
RC190 single drum soil compactor
RC110, RC120, RC190-thumb
RC110 single drum soil compactor
RC120 single drum soil compactor
RC190 single drum soil compactor
The large departure angle and the powerful drive engine ensure that the RC rollers can exhibit their strengths, especially on gradients. A perfect view in all directions makes working with the Wacker Neuson rollers safer and more comfortable. The compact design and the specially shaped engine hood enable the operator to always have a good view of the entire working area and the drums. An intuitively designed display and the joystick make working easier and ensure that the operator gets familiar with the machine in no time. Additional extras in the cabin equipment are the drink holder, storage space and power outlets.
  • 3-point articulated pendulum joint for optimal ride comfort on uneven ground
  • Maximum gradeability due to the innovative drive concept and generous departure angle
  • Compact design for perfect all-round visibility of the work area form the driver's seat
  • Intuitive operating concept - simply get in and start working, without a lot of training
  • High compaction performance due to the high linear load and large amplitudes

Articulated pendulum joint

Uniform compaction, optimal driving stability:

The three-point articulated pendulum joint ensures a uniform weight distribution at all times.

This also improves the maneuverability and provides for maximum tipping safety and stability when turning curves.

Optimal view
Everything is perfectly within view:

With the specially designed, tapered design of the roller, you always have an excellent view of the drum edges, the machine environment and the construction site.

Compaction by vibration

Vibration for deep compaction

Working area in view
The tapered design of the rollers gives you a good view of the drum edges or the machine environment.
Finely tiered selection of models
Rollers in various weight classes: At Wacker Neuson, you will find exactly the model that you need for your project.
Excellent compaction performance
Regardless of which of our rollers you choose – you will be excited about the compaction performance.
Excellent driving stability
Whether on rough terrain or when turning a curve – with the three-point articulated pendulum joint, you are always safely on the move.

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