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Wacker Neuson solidifies dealer partnership with Demolition Technologies

Demolition Technologies is a renowned and respected supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic construction, demolition and portable power equipment. “With this in mind, the decision to appoint them as our dealer to serve customers in the Western Cape region was an extremely simple one,” affirms Dennis Vietze, Wacker Neuson Sub-Saharan Africa Managing Director.

Demolition Technologies has been solely a reseller and repairer of Wacker Neuson products since 2009. The signing of the dealer agreement on 15 October 2018 solidifies the two companies’ relationship, strengthens Wacker Neuson’s footprint in the Western Cape and adds the complete range of light compaction and concrete equipment to Demolition Technologies’ product portfolio.

“Our dealer responsibilities extend to the marketing, supply and support of the Wacker Neuson equipment,” states Demolition Technologies Managing Member, Brendan Drummond-Hay. “We anticipate that the Wacker Neuson compact equipment range of mini-excavators, dumpers, loaders and tele-handlers will also open the door to a host of new lucrative business opportunities for us.”

Established in 2007, Demolition Technologies shares 1500 sqm of offices, stores, workshops and yard space in Paarden Eiland with sister company, Hy-Jack Cape. The company operates primarily in the Western Cape with a footprint that extends to the North Cape and West Coast. “We provide ‘solutions’ rather than just products and focus on high levels of service, premium product offerings and after-sales support from our skilled and dedicated team,” affirms Drummond-Hay. “This has stood us in good stead in serving our primary markets including construction companies, government entities, power generation as well as the mining and quarry industries over the past eleven years.”

“As a Wacker Neuson dealer we are able to highlight the world-class quality, efficiency and reliability trio that Wacker Neuson products are synonymous with,” continues Drummond-Hay. “The supply of premium brand products is also in Demolition Technologies’ DNA, making this dealer agreement a perfect fit and we are very excited to be able to bring this exceptional product portfolio to our customers’ doorstep.”

According to Drummond-Hay a big challenge will be to keep customers focused on purchasing a premium brand product in the current sluggish and economically unfriendly market. “On a more positive note, Government has allocated substantial budget to infrastructure so this will be an area of considerable focus as we move into 2019.”

“This dealership agreement enables us to supply a premium brand solution along with the added value of operator training, preventative maintenance training and on-site support. This, together with our work ethic of hard work and perseverance and believing in your product pays dividends. We are perfectly positioned to tackle any challenges head-on.” Furthering this positivity, Drummond-Hay says that Demolition Technologies is now poised to offer products that are customer-centric in their design and efficiencies that contribute to lowest overall total cost of ownership.

After- sales service is a vital factor in maintaining lasting relationships with customers and Wacker Neuson’s Cape Town branch, headed up by John Ramshaw, will provide Demolition Technologies with the necessary support including product training, to equip the team to provide efficient after-sales service. All repairs and maintenance on Wacker Neuson equipment will be managed from the company’s fully fitted workshop facility under the auspices of Demolition Technologies General Manager, Shelley Le Roux.

Wacker Neuson, as a frontrunner in the supply of quality-engineered, efficient compact and light equipment to the construction, mining and agricultural sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, relies on its dealer network to carry forward the brand promise to customers and to further expand market share. The company therefore remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing its vast dealer network across South Africa and beyond the borders.

“There is no doubt that we will benefit greatly from this partnership with Demolition Technologies,” notes Vietze. In addition to boosting our number of sales people who are now able to attend to a larger customer base, the increased awareness of the Wacker Neuson brand in the marketplace will further attract new business opportunities.” Vietze also points out that alongside an increased number of contacts and locations, Demolition Technologies customers will be able to continue dealing with people with whom they have already developed a relationship.

Wrapping up, Vietze says he is confident that the shared synergies with Demolition Technologies will create a positive and lasting relationship. “We welcome Demolition Technologies and look forward to sharing the benefits of our new partnership with customers and end-users.”