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Wacker Neuson in the Netherlands

“Almost everyone here knows Wacker Neuson”

Wacker Neuson has already been represented in the Benelux for about 50 years. Customers in the Netherlands receive the total product range as well as service, advice and rental equipment through six of their own branches. Wacker Neuson products are offered in direct sales in Belgium as well. In Luxembourg, the manufacturer works closely together with dealers. “We are one of the few manufacturers who can offer their own sales organization and service in the Netherlands and therefore can act as a full service provider. I see great potential here”, says Jörg Vogler, managing director of the Wacker Neuson affiliate in the Benelux. 

“For us, service means more than just maintenance of the machines. Spare parts can be delivered to the customer within 24 hours and the areas of finance and telematics also play an important role for our customers”. The market position of Wacker Neuson is very strong in the Netherlands. Jörg Vogler says that almost everyone knows the brand, especially for its compaction equipment. The excavators, telehandlers and wheel loaders were only introduced in 2012 and are not yet as well known.

ECO – simply everywhere 

The concept of sustainability is deeply rooted in the Netherlands. “All over Holland, there are notes on products regarding their environmental friendliness. Hybrid vehicles, for example, are very popular. This trend is also not stopping for our industry”. Says Jörg Vogler. “Many customers specifically ask for low-emission products. That is why the introduction of the ECO seal was extremely important for us”.

Capital city:Amsterdam
Official language:Dutch
Surface:41,526 km²
Population:16,4 Millions
Country code:+31