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Wacker Neuson in Switzerland

At dizzying heights 

Switzerland is the market with the world's most stringent emissions standards. Thus, alternative energies are in increasing demand. This requires the construction of appropriate power plants under special environmental conditions: All construction machines with 18 kW performance or higher have to be outfitted with a particulate filter system. No wonder that the Wacker Neuson ECO Solutions are quite requested in this country, as well as different kind of services to fulfil the highest demands. 

A spectacular project was located in the French part of Switzerland near Lake Geneva at 2,205 meters above sea level: the dam of Lac du Vieux Émosson. The existing dam was topped up by as much as 20 meters so that the reservoir could hold twice as much water as before – namely from a narrow berm just below the upper limit! From here, five excavators from Wacker Neuson milled the outer concrete layer, which had become cracked, by 20 centimeters. Ball milling machines were used, which are operated via the excavator hydraulics. In this way, the old and new concrete combined optimally and the construction would be able to withstand the later loads.

In Switzerland, the construction industry is on a very solid level, although a slight downward trend can currently be found. The company benefits from Wacker Neuson being so widely established and for servicing various industries. The market-driving factor are new facilities in building construction and gardening. General road and highway construction and civil engineering as well as the maintenance of buildings, for example in the sectors of demolition and redevelopment in the main construction industry or service work in gardening and landscaping, play a major role in Switzerland. Wacker Neuson is a popular full-service provider of construction equipment and machines as well as versatile services rendered. The Swiss affiliate of Wacker Neuson is one of the group's most successful in exploiting the market potential. 

Capital city:Bern
Official language:German, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic
Surface:41,285 km²
Population:8,2 Millions
Currency:Swiss franc
Country code:+41

Interview with Benjamin Wasinger, Managing Director Wacker Neuson Switzerland

How important are service topics in Switzerland?

“In general, it can be said that Swiss customers' hold this in very high regard. It is important that we can offer everything from one source: Consulting, new equipment, rental and after-sales. We are known for our reliability. And we offer the entire package that our customers want.

How well known is the brand Wacker Neuson in Switzerland?

“We are proud that we generally have high market shares in our product segments. Today, the entire company is one of the most important construction machine companies in Switzerland. Our services rendered areas, such as machine rental and service, are also developing very well.”

What in particular do you like about working at Wacker Neuson?

“The small equipment business still fascinates me, because it is a very lively and fast business. I find our services rendered great, such as rental and repair or maintenance. Our highly trained mechanics solve the most varied problems every day in the field, sometimes under the most difficult conditions. All in all, the diversity inspires me and I am pleased to see that our customers do not choose individual products, but rather our brand and our company as a whole.”