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Keep the job site safe with exceptional lighting from Wacker Neuson

The new ML440 Light Tower from compact and light construction equipment specialist, Wacker Neuson, is a game changer, delivering exceptional, reliable and affordable lighting for safe and uninterrupted work on the job site.

According to Wacker Neuson’s Product Specialist, Rainer Schmidt, no work-after-dark job site will be complete without the ML 440 Light Tower. “The light tower’s unrivalled performance-to-affordability ratio and impressive features list deliver the benefits of low cost of ownership and rapid return on investment to both customers in the rental sector and end-users alike.”

Schmidt points out that the difference between the performance of a good and an excellent light tower is the quality of the lighting. Elaborating on the quality and area size of the lighting delivered by the ML440 Light Tower, Schmidt says that the special pulse-start metal halide lamps not only provide exceptional luminance but also ensures extended lamp life compared to probe-start counterparts. “Furthermore, the lights’ rectangular shape provides a wider lighting coverage of 403msq at 54 lux, and the lamps can be turned individually to better focus the light where required.”

A highlight of the ML440 Light Tower is that it is equipped with Wacker Neuson’s proven heavy-duty MG5 jobsite generator. “This provides our customers with the convenience of a two-in-one solution, as the generator can be used separately for other purposes when the light tower is not in operation,” explains Schmidt, “and for customers who already own compatible generators, we can also supply the ML440 without our generator.”

The unit’s robust high strength fixture frame does not compromise its compact and light weight design, which in turn facilitates easy transportation. Side stabilizers ensure stability in high wind conditions and the solid polyurethane wheels offer the benefit of never being able to be punctured on site.

No job site that requires reliable and safe lighting will be complete without Wacker Neuson’s ML440 Light Tower, a high performance, affordable lighting solution that ticks all the boxes. Africa’s harsh climate and environmental conditions are no match for the light tower, making it the perfect choice for construction sites, municipal road maintenance, commercial landscaping, emergency services, events, etc.